Newest work, things to expect summer 2014

Around two years ago I released the Guayabera LP, a collection of instrumental (no lyrics) electronic music. For those of you familiar with me as an artist, I started my music career in Hip Hop, and above all things I was always and am to this day writing and producing in that genre. In brief words, my next releases will all involve me going back to my roots, and will be much more Hip Hop oriented. I plan to release at the least 2 (two) projects this summer:

1. A mixtape, mainly of other’s instrumentals (for free download and distribution). This will be accompanied by several music videos, a few of which are already in post-production.

2. A self-produced EP/album, featuring myself and potentially a few collaborators.

I have recently been sorting through older projects that I plan to rework, as well as compiling a list of more recent stuff that will go onto the EP. It will feature both instrumental tracks and full songs with lyrics, focusing more heavily on live and orchestral instrumentation; a distinct sound from Guayabera. I am super excited to share all the stuff I have been working with you guys, 2014 will be a big summer so stay tuned.


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